Evaluation Criteria

The evaluations are made per block. Each block is associated with two questions that are in fact known and must be prepared by the student. Since these are known and have to be resolved before validating, the following criteria apply

  • if one or both questions contain serious errors, the answer is totally insufficient or is not answered this shows that the point is not understood and the whole block is evaluated with 0.0 points
  • as serious errors are description of calculations indicating the wrong equation, make observations with false statements, etc.
  • if a question is largely answered but with minor or unclear omissions then 0.25 points are assigned while it is answered completely and correctly. With two questions that are at least correct, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 points can be given.
  • the minimum is to indicate the equations and variables associated with a question that are discussed in their physical sense
  • the evaluation is applied to the percentage of fields answered in the block. In that sense, all the blocks have the same score.

Regarding the alternatives:

  • firstly, the delivery within the deadline (applies for the video and is considered delivered on the same date if no access was given until the link is modified)
  • Once the term expires, you have the option to reactivate for 2 weeks without loss of note. After the two weeks the grade obtained is multiplied by a factor that loses by 1/4 note day, which is equivalent to a factor 1 that is reduced per day by 1/24.
  • Once delivered (with or without punishment), it can be reopened and validated again in which the new note replaces the previous one, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the previous one. If the original validation suffered punishment, the re-validation is weighted by the same factor.

Evaluation Criteria

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