How to deliver my Validation via Youtube?

To facilitate the sending of the videos, you work with the YouTube platform. To upload videos you can work with your own or with a partner's account. If you want to work with your own accounts you must have a gmail mail. If you do not have it, you can open a gmail account at no cost.

Once one enters the youtube account, you must press the Upload button which opens a page with an arrow pointing upwards. Below the arrow appears the type of video. It is recommended to choose PRIVATE (PRIVATE) and after that enter the email that the system uses (VERY IMPORTANT)

In this way the teacher will have the possibility to watch the video. Then the red arrow is pressed which opens a dialog to locate the file. If you go to the Validate tab within the Cases module, you can obtain the address where the video is located in the upper field on the page. If you copy this direct address to the YouTube dialogue, the system will find the video and upload it.

Once the YouTube video is uploaded, it delivers the address (URL) where the video is located. This address must be copied at the end of the case web page in conjunction with the 12-digit code shown in the popup and included in the file name at the end. The mechanism seeks to avoid confusing videos since a wrong video is considered as not delivered and no deadlines are modified. For greater security it is recommended not to change the numre of the file and upload it to youtube with the name that was generated.

Important Notes:

  • Videos can only be delivered via the upload of the YouTube account. Mail is not accepted in any case because on the one hand they obstruct the teacher's mail and on the other hand they do not go through the deadline and registration controls in the system. Therefore, all sent video is automatically deleted without being considered.

  • The system is only able to check that the YouTube address corresponds to a valid video. You can not verify whether you have the permissions granted correctly or whether the correct video has been uploaded. Therefore, the system asks to confirm that it is the correct video. Minor errors such as omission of permits or confusion of cases lead to simple objections. Repetitions or manipulations of file names lead to a Z state that corresponds to a possible unethical behavior. If confirmed this case can not be validated and remains with the minimum grade independent of the grade reached.

  • The reason for keeping private videos is not only related to the privacy of the people, it is also to avoid non-optimal videos being used by other students as a reference. In fact, in the case of videos that really stand out, the author will be asked if he can make them public for the benefit of his current and future colleagues. In any case, it is at the discretion of the student whether he wishes to contribute or not.

How to deliver my Validation via Youtube?

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