Does the Case is Blocked after I Validate?

Once the filming is finished without having been aborted, the case is blocked so that it is not modified before it has been evaluated.

The block status is shown with the letter B (block) in the list of cases.

Once the video is sent satisfactorily, the letter R (revision) is displayed. In this new state the case remains blocked but the student knows that the video was received by the teacher.

Once the revision concludes the code goes to the letter V of validated or to an X that means objected.

If it was validated, the student has a joker and the case is not yet complete, the student can reopen it without losing the grade already achieved. However, if you advance and want to claim the higher grade you are achieving, you must validate again.

If the case has been objected blocked and you must try again to validate it.

Does the Case is Blocked after I Validate?

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