How do I view the Video?

Once the filming is finished, and if you have installed the VLC video viewing program - the one with the orange cone - you can run the video by pressing the popcorn button.

If you do not have the VLC installed, or the installation is not recognized by the program, the system may indicate that it can not find the video. In that case you can access the folder '' videos '' in Windows and in linux to the '' movies '' and manually execute the video. The file has a name of the type


where X, Y and Z are numbers.

Important: both for practical reasons (that the system recognizes the file) and possible ethical implications (use a video in another case to '' gain time '' and meet a deadline) it is important not to change the name of the file. Unethical behavior leads to the evaluation of the case with the minimum grade and, eventually, a report to the corresponding school. </ B>

It must also be borne in mind that if you re-record, you overwrite the previous film. For this reason, if you want to save the previous filming you must copy it to another directory to avoid deleting the overwriting. If you later decide that the first version of your video was better, you can copy the file back to the videos folder and proceed to send.

How do I view the Video?

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