Filming Time is to Short

The time is only 3 minutes for two reasons:

1 forces you to concentrate on the essentials, not be redundant and waste time in long explanations
2 forces us to understand what is being talked about and if it is not mastered, it is difficult to explain it in such a short time.

For this reason simple readings of a previously written text are not accepted since it is one of the ways in which one could 'explain' something without really understanding it since the author of the text could be someone else.

Here are some ideas on how to work with reduced time:

  • If you are going to show an equation, do not use the complete list or the number of the equation. Both processes take time. Just click on the variable that was calculated with the equation. It is fast and immersed in the narrative since it says '' if we calculate xyz this equation is used ''.

  • Do not explain all the equations, only the keys and associated variables that are relevant to your narrative.

  • Avoid reading numbers unless they are key to explaining some point of the case.

  • Do not answer the topics included to be discussed as responses to a list. Integrate the topics to your narrative in the corresponding topics.

Remember that the purpose of validation is to demonstrate mastery of the topic, it is not an exercise to mention everything. In fact, in the correction, it is forgiven not to have mentioned any particular point if for that the explanation is correct. That is why it is to find a good measure between quality and quantity. Neither high quality of very little, nor low quality of much.

Filming Time is to Short

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