Start of Filming

To start filming you must press the button on the tack. At the beginning of the shooting the clock starts next to the Oscar button to advance. The system will stop automatically after completing 3 minutes. Keep in mind that:

  • You can abort before pressing the same button with which I run (which now shows a movie tape) if you do not like how the video is coming out. The system will stop and erase the video that was filming. Therefore, NEVER suspend a film that considers that it is going well.

  • Use aggressively the mouse to indicate on the screen the information that is explaining and avoid on all to read something that one sees in the video. It loses valuable time it needs to explain all the required aspects. Typical examples are the readings of numbers with all their decimals when it is enough to say for example 'we noticed that the circumference went relatively low' while the value is shown with the mouse. In a similar way, the mistake of reading aloud an equation with all its operations is made, which is an exercise without value since the equation can be read and it is difficult to grasp the form of it. In this case if you can highlight something like for example 'we noticed that the calculated value is high what happens because in the equation the perimeter, which is small, appears in the denominator'.


Remember the evaluation guide with which your video is reviewed. If any of these points is not systematically present the video will be objected:


  • the presentation must follow a logical narrative of how the work was done
  • within the narrative the key equations must be shown (only the most important ones that are usually the most complex) and it must be indicated that it was calculated with it
  • you must explain which relevant variables are used for the calculation (do not waste time with numbers like $\pi$)
  • the result should be shown and discussed (do not read the number since time is lost) and put in context (compare it with another number or comment if it is typical or not)


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